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About Us

Advanced Life Settlements

Advanced Settlements, LLC is one of the oldest and largest life settlement companies in the nation, helping us earn a reputation as one of the leading life settlement brokers in the nation. We work with financial professionals whose clients include affluent seniors seeking a sensible exit strategy from unwanted life insurance policies.


Recognizing that many individuals over the age of 70 experience lifestyle changes where large life policies may no longer be necessary, Advanced Settlements saw an opportunity to create a forum for these individuals to potentially sell these policies for more than their cash value. This senior life settlement service has become extremely valuable to those with estate planning issues. Please keep in mind that like any financial strategy, there is no single solution for every person and the sale of a policy could have an impact on any existing estate planning, insurance planning, and tax planning your client currently has in place.


Having earned our status as an early adopter in an emerging market of life settlement companies, we have assumed a leadership role in delivering the necessary tools for financial professionals to successfully participate in life settlements. In this regard, (1) we offer a turn-key service that leads financial professionals through each step of the transaction; (2) we act as their advocate when negotiating with funders (providers) to pursue the highest possible settlement for the client's policy; and (3) we offer marketing support.

Our Team

Now, more than ever, you need a qualified broker who will work to get your clients the best offer for their unneeded or unwanted life insurance policies.

As one of the oldest and largest life settlement companies in the country, many of our relationships with our funders have been in place for years – some even since our company’s inception in 2000. The benefit of using Advanced Settlements as your broker is that we know which institutional providers' funding sources have capital and we know which life expectancies work best with each institutional providers' funding source to assist in obtaining the best potential offer. In addition, we have a seasoned operational team that can help ensure efficiencies and attention to detail throughout the life settlement process:

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